Really Easy Eyebrow Threading Instructions

Quick and easy Eyebrow threading instructions that will keep your eyebrows looking striking and tidy for longer!

It's probably a good idea to bookmark this page so that you can come back to it each time you need to practice threading your eyebrows.

Tools you need:

Thin Thread (about 24 inches long), strong good quality. Really thick thread will not remove hair effectively enough. Thin fine thread will grip from its root better.

Eyebrow brush; to brush your eyebrow hair along the same direction before and after

Scissors (for trimming your brows)

Eyebrow threading instructions - Gripping the thread and hand placement

Step 1: Trim your eyebrows first - especially if they are unruly. Extremely long and uneven hairs make your brows appear intidy and unkept.

Step 2: Then Brush your eyebrow hair along the same direction with your eyebrow brush.

Step 3: Wrap the end of the thread around your index finger, a few times until it is really tight.

Step 4: Then you switch hands and make a loop

Step 5: Wrap the thumb (holding the thread rod) around the thread a few times until it is also securely attached.

Keep a very tight grip on the thread. This is the most crucial part of these eyebrow threading instructions.

Step6: Then wrap the thread around all 4 fingers (not holding the thread rod minus leaving your thumb out) about 5 times in circular motion.

That wraps the thread over each other.

Make sure your overall loop is small - this gives you better control of the thread.

You can adjust this and reduce the size by wrapping the thread around your thumb a few more times (repeat step 4).

Threading instructions - Hair removal

Always pull hair in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Your left hand (your index finger and thumb in the loop) will be pulling the hair of your right eyebrow.

While your index and your thumb will be sliding the thread against your skin. The index of your left hand will be pushing u against its thread while the index finger of the opposite hand pulls.

Not too tightly, it should only be gliding. In short, slow motions.

Use the knots to pull the hair out of their roots.

While your right hand (4 fingers without your pinkie in the loop) will remove the hairs of your left brow.

Practice a few times. The video above is a really good step by step by hushbandit which describes one of the easiest techniques that you can come to grips with fairly easily.

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