Eczema remedies: How to clear an eczema flare - up quickly, easily and safely

Book Mark this page for eczema remedies that work when you or your baby has an eczema flare up.

Make the decision to go natural. Eczema treatments, creams and ointments that contain synthetic ingredients and steroids are a short term/temperary fix. I did it and I found that it did not treat eczema effectivly.

1) Add Dead Sea salts to plain bath water. The more dead sea salts you use the better.

This is a great remedy for eczema - in fact one of the best eczema remedies from my experience. Good for adults and also good for babies suffering from baby eczema. I recommended this for a colleague who is over 40 and she has been adding this to her bath water for months now and gets excellent results.

2) Use a simple and pure all natural body wash

Like California baby super sensitive body wash and shampoo. Mothers of babies with eczema and adults with eczema and sensitive skin rave about California baby products. It is believed to be one of the most effective product range for treating eczema.

There is nothing in this bathwash that will irritate yours or your baby's skin.

3) Don't bathe with hot water - use lukewarm water.

It is also better to have a 10 min soak. This soothes the skin; hot water dries the skin and makes the skin itchy. You might find that your little one scratches a little more when the water is a little too warm while bathing or soaking in the bath.

4) Do not rub the skin with a towel - pat it dry.

Rubbing the skin is not ideal for inflammed skin. You want to avoid rubbing the skin while it is hot and inflammed during a flare up.

5) Moisturise quickly and use a lot of moisturiser.

What has worked for us and I highly recommend it is California Baby supersensitive everyday lotion, California baby calming cream and California baby calendula cream. This is a crucial eczema remedy.

Moisturise as often as you can, this is the key to clearing a flare up successful. But it must be a good, healthy, non irritating moisturiser.

I tend to double up all over the body with Pure Cold Pressed Coconut oil - on top of our moisturisers. Pure Coconut oil is a must for eczema remedies, it is great for soothing eczema. Great for soothing eczema itch and fantastic for smoothing out crusty, scaly skin.

It is exellent during eczema flare ups because it has anti inflammatory properties. I can never be without this Pure Cocnout Oil also.

Find out more here.

They rave about it and swear it heals the skin very quickly, it's the one product range I believe works to keep eczema away and clears flare ups very quickly).


Trim nails as short as possible, for a baby or yourself. The urge to scratch is very strong during a flare and also during the healing process. It is hard enough fpr an adult to keep from scratching but it is even harder to keep a baby from scratching.

Scratching will interrupt the healing process, it can often cause eczema to get worse, open up and get infected. The more an area is scratched, the more inflamed it will become and you will be looking at another flare up.

You can also invest in good pure cotton mittens if for a young child. This can give the skin a break and allow it to heal without interruption.

7) Know what caused the flare up!

If you do not, the flare will only come back straight away or it will clear up completely. No amout of eczema remedies will help if you do not know what causes yours or your baby's eczema flare ups.

Could it be:

Makeup? (Kisses with lipstick, my daughter reacts to makeup)
Cow's milk allergy or intolerance? Talk to your doctor about drinking Goats milk or other alternative milk drinks instead (nanny care nutrition if for a baby).
Wheat or eggs?
Washing powder?

There are more, you should find what has caused the flare up.


Clearing an eczema flare up is now not as difficult as I used to think it was. Obviously this has taken a few months to learn and I now have experience under my belt.

It is important to keep things really simple and pure.

- wash with a pure simple wash. Like California baby super sensitive body wash and shampoo. - pat the skin dry after a bath... Never rub. Rubbing will irritate the skin.

Why California Baby? Because It is pure, free of chemicals, contains 100% natural ingredients, and promotes healing while it soothes. Using natural products is one of the best eczema remedies that there is.

What you wash the skin is is very important - read why here. You could make things worse if you use the wrong body wash. In terms of eczema remedies, I would say this is one of the most important tips.

You will irritate the skin, make it drier and therefore when you finish the bath, your baby will look redder, they may have more rash and the skin may look worse.

- read the ingredient list and make sure there are no parabens, Sulphates (SLS), perfume (parfum). It is important to avoid synthetic chemicals. Some of them like SLS are known to damage the outermost layer of the skin.

If you or your baby has dry skin or sensitive skin, avoid products like Johnsons, they are heavily perfumed and contain strong chemicals.

Try all natural products like California baby super sensitive shampoo and body wash.

This is especially good during eczema flare ups because it contains no fragrances, no chemicals and no known skin irritants. It is very soothing and it heals the skin quickly and other mothers rave about California baby products.. I can now not live without this super sensitive body wash.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

Seconds after the bath - moisturise straight away. Use a lot of moisturiser, during a flare up, the more moisturiser you use, the better.

- you have to moisturise a lot, throughout the day and each time they wake up at night!! Over and over... Every hour if you are able to. - this is why using natural products outweigh chemical based products.

Natural products carry No risks and no side effects so you can use them as often as is needed. During an eczema flare up and for dry skin in general, the skin needs a lot of moisture.

You have to moisturise the skin very often, no amount us too much. This is the trick to clearing a flare up.

I know it seems weird but this is what works and it is what the skin needs. I was told by my doctors that I have to use hydrochotisone to clear flare ups but I have found that I do not need to do that.

Moisturising with a very good quality all natural moisturiser is enough. That is why I recommend California baby products, see what other mothers are saying.

I recommend trying the super sensitive everyday lotion together with the Calming moisturising cream or the Calendula cream. I believe them from my experience to be one of the best remedies for eczema.

You can try any of the California Baby products to find the best for you. What's good about them is that because they are free of chemicals, there is a very low chance that you will get a reaction.

- keep everything dust free! - replace your bath Emollient if it is not a natural one with a natural alternative - Dead sea salts.

I especially like these eczema remedies because they do not involve the use of steroids of any kind, no products with synthetic chemicals or anything harsh. They involve the use of products containing only natural ingredients.

For example with my baby: 10 months down the line:

A) I bathe her With the supersensitive body wash and shampoo by California baby B) only seconds after her bath, I pat her dry C) then I moisturise her with the California baby super sensitive everyday lotion.

D)I then apply California baby calendula cream or California baby calming moisturising cream on top of the lotion to her face and elbows (particularly dry areas). I repeat this again and again throughout the day.

E)I double up with Pure Unrefined Shea Butter if it is the cold winter months or Pure Coconut oil for the summer months.

With this, flare-ups are usually all cleared up in about a week with significant improvements seen in only a few days. These remedies for eczema have kept my daughter's eczema away. Kept her skin soft and smooth and clear.

Flare ups in general are now rare.

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