Eczema in Babies Can be Treated Naturally - Here's Proof

cures for eczema
cures for eczema

Eczema in babies is a tricky disease to treat and for mothers, the journey can often be a frustrating and emotional one.

When you have a baby, it never really crosses your mind that you would have to deal with something as sensitive or as tricky as eczema. I know I didn't! I had no idea what to do and I had no understanding or experience with eczema when my newborn was diagnosed with eczema at just 3 weeks old.

I found myself just going through the motions with her GP and health visitor, we were trying different creams and emollients almost every month. She was having flare ups weekly and we went through more than 10 different emollients in their varieties over a short space of time.

I became more and more disappointed when the creams weren't helping and even more disappointment when I realised that some of them were doing more harm than good.

I then realized and found evidence that some were harmful because they are made of strong chemicals and preservatives which although designed to be safe enough for babies still caused allergic reactions in my newborn. My GP confirmed this and told me to keep trying new emollients until I find something that agrees with her.

So instead of soothing and healing my baby's skin and clearing her eczema rashes, there were causing her pain and discomfort because they stung, made her itch more and therefore she broke out in more angry, fiery eczema rashes.

The more emollients we were prescribed, as this is the conventional way of treating eczema in babies, the more dissatisfied I became and the more unhappy and stressed out I also became.

My baby kept reacting to the emollients and her eczema kept gradually getting worse. If we find an emollient that seemed to work; after a few weeks it will stop working and flare ups would become more frequent again.

As I was being recommended and prescribed a variety of emollients and she continued to react to them, I become more and more convinced that they were not helping at all. Even though her doctor was insisting that this is the 'behaviour of eczema' I refused to keep going round in circles using creams and ointments that appeared to make my child uncomfortable and sore.

But I knew I needed a natural more effective alternative. Products that carried less risks that also worked.

I went on the hunt for answers. Answers about the effectiveness of prescribed synthetic emollients, Answers about what really causes eczema in babies and answers for the treatments yielding results for eczema sufferers especiially babies.

SHOCKING - Treating eczema naturally works better, faster, it is safer and it is possible to cure it.

What I found out was shocking. I found out that I was not alone. Most mothers who have been going through eczema with their children for more than a year are not satisfied with using synthetic emollients.

Most mothers have stopped using the strong emollients that aren't based on natural ingredients completely. They do not find them effective and do not believe that they are completely safe. Mothers have now coined the phrases 'Natural is best' and the purer the safer.

Eczema in babies is obviously a sensitive subject for us mums and most of us feel that using something that may be harmful in the long run to treat baby eczema like steroids is a really hard decision to make. I also found that for this reason many mothers including myself have started looking for purer, safer ways to treat eczema naturally.

They have found that it is possible to treat eczema naturally and have also found that they get better results, results within just a couple of days (when you find the right alternative), long term positive results and have been able to improve the texture, quality and radiance of their baby's skin safely and naturally.


What they did and now also what I did is to find the natural alternatives to conventional ways of treating eczema in babies.

For Example:

If you live in a hard water area; using a tea spoon, a handful to a cup of Dead Sea salts (depending on your child's age) in yours or your baby's bath successfully treats eczema in babies and many mothers have used dead sea salts to replace the synthetic bath emollients like oilatum, emulsiderm and even the soap substitute aqueous cream. It does wonders! It rejuvenates and hydrates the skin remarkably.

It treats your baby's skin with minerals and nutrients. It softens the skin, reduces scales and moisturises the skin. Dead Sea salts reduces pain, it soothes inflammation, and it improves circulation and hydrates tissues.

Pure Coconut oil is also a huge success among mothers; although expensive it works amazingly well as a hair and skin moisturizer. It softens the skin, it reduces inflammation (after a couple of days) and soothes the skin. It goes to work immediately but you see results after a few days because it works deep within the skin.

California Baby - Super Sensitive Shampoo & Bodywash and California Baby Super Sensitive Everyday Lotion together with the amazingly healing California Baby Calendula Cream has been my secret weapon for keeping my daughter's skin smooth, silky and supple. I double up with Pure coconut oil depending on what the condition of the skin is and how warm the weather is. On cool days, I find that pure coconut oil is soothing and stays cool on the skin which helps the eczema itch very well.

These are the most effective treatments for eczema in babies which I have seen work and are using to treat my baby.

I share how I my baby eczema story in more detail here and my review on California baby products on this page. Take heart, baby eczema can be dealt with successfully where you and your child can live a normal eczema free life.


After seeing the results I am now completely convinced that eczema can be treated and eventually cured completely naturally. I know that this would sound strange to someone who may be currently treating eczema with steroids and prescription creams that are not natural but with more research, I am confident that you will make the move too.

You should check out California Baby products, they have wonders for my baby; She has had no flare ups or irritations since I started using them together with my other eczema remedies my baby has had no flare ups.


cures for eczema

While I was doing my research into eczema in babies and how to treat it naturally, I had to find different sources and read a large number of books and authority websites.

Luckily I came across one book that has complete with everything that I had been collecting for 8 months and had other crucial information that I needed all in one place.

This book has become my treatment bible for treating eczema in babies in my baby. It has changed my baby's life and it has now given me peace of mind and rest at night. It is completely honest and everything it contains are things that I wish I had known when her eczema first started at 3 weeks.

The best thing for me about this book is that I now understand better the believed causes of eczema in babies. It explained what I had always suspected about eczema which is that it is linked to food allergies/sensitivities in great detail.

It is now amazing that if my baby's has a flare up I can usually pinpoint what has caused it. I have since discovered that she is currently sensitive to dairy, wheat and eggs.

I buy all our products and food with this book as a guide; her shampoo, body wash, lotion, toothpaste etc which are all crucial because before I read this book I had no idea that my hand wash contained SLS which was one of the things affecting my baby.

I highly recommend this book, Click here to find out more about the book

You can buy california baby from Amazon if you are in the UK and other countries while if you are in America, you can order and Shop at

*It is important to work very closely with your GP/doctor in deciding which creams/lotions/ointments to try. Always inform your doctor of everything you are using. Especially with regards to your baby's eczema. Newborns have very sensitive skin and should never be experimented on as allergic reactions can be fatal. I am not a doctor, I only share my experience and recommend non chemical, 100% natural products that I know work well.

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