A Cause of Eczema in Babies (and Adults) - Food Intolerance

Is Cow's milk part of the cause of eczema in your baby's eczema rash?

cause of eczema One of The best Decisions I made

When my baby was diagnosed with eczema at just 3 weeks I was a little unsure what to do. I went on a hunt for the cause of eczema so that I know exactly how to deal with it.

If you read my journey on my baby eczema page you'll see that I tried most of the things that are recommended for the treatment and management of eczema.

I made a lot of lifestyle changes like washing powderclothing and keeping a good eye on the temperature of our home.

These environmental factor changes are crucial things which help to improve baby eczema and made my baby more comfortable.

However I have to admit that the 2 biggest changes I made that has kept my baby eczema free were identifying her 'triggers' namely her sensitivity to Cow's milk (dairy) and using California baby (all natural skin care) products for her.

Before this everything else I was doing was only managing her eczema. While conducting research on the effect of food and eczema, I found shocking reports of how often babies are reacting to cow's milk and dairy in general.

I came across this list and believed I was getting somewhere. A definite Cause of Eczema can be food chemicals, colours, preservatives etc.

(Cause of Eczema - Atopic) Atopy, or the tendency to be sensitised or allergic

- approximately 1/3rd of all individuals with eczema has either;

- IgE (immediate hypersensitivity) (example hayfever, asthma, food allergies)


- Cell-mediated (delayed type hypersensitivity). (example contact dermatitis to nickel, dyes etc.)

- Cell mediated allergy does not show on skin prick testing or RAST


Cause of Eczema - Non Atopic

- 2/3rds of children have non allergic eczema

-Trigger (things that irritate) factors include:

- Soap based products, body wash chemicals can all be a cause of eczema.

- Heat, dry air or heating

- Stress and anxiety

- Woolly/rough clothes/fabrics

- Certain food chemicals or colourings/preservatives (intolerances and not allergy)

- Some infections/bacterial, viral, fungal

- teething

An intolerance or sensitivity to Cow's milk is a major cause of eczema and it is also linked to many childhood illnesses.

These are Some of The Common Symptoms of a Reaction to Dairy

Green, runny stool

Blood tinged stool

Skin rashes

Chronic nasal stuffiness



Excessive abdominal discomfort



Mimic of GER (gastroesophageal reflux) symptoms Heartburn

Spitting up



Further reading/sources

Milk: Does it Really Do a Body Good? by Dr Jay Gordon

The Dangers of Cow's Milk - The Natural Child Project

I also found many forums with long threads on the internet with mothers feeding back that their babies had seen dermatologists and being skin tested for allergies and the cause of eczema and their babies tested positive for allergies as the main cause for their children's baby eczema.

I was beginning to see that a Cow's milk sensitivity/intolerance or full blown was a huge cause for eczema in babies. This was shocking for me because mosy baby formula is based on Cow's Milk!!

Well, that would explain why skin rashes have become a norm in childhood, colic, reflux and all of these ailments newborn get! Their sensitive brand new tummies cannot handle cow's milk.

This then gave rise to the new booming 'broken down' hydrolyzed cow's milk based formula market; to respond to the rise of baby eczema.

Baby Eczema is more than skin deep!

I started to see that Baby eczema is more than skin deep!!It can be triggered by certain foods and it can be anything from Eggs to prawns, to blueberries etc. The most common allergenic foods were eggs, prawns, Dairy (Namely Cow's Milk) and Wheat. They are usually the cause of eczema related food triggers.

- So I decided on an elimination diet (to eliminate dairy) after discussing it with my baby's doctor and it turned out my daughter was sensitive to Cow's milk and cow dairy foods as well as wheat, eggs and shellfish.

- At 6/7 months she reacted to blue berries and strawberries, so once again these needed to be fruits that I wait till about 10/11 months to reintroduce.

- I also cut out gluten from both our diets because she was also getting rashes from anything with gluten in it; they were also a cause of eczema for her.

GOAT'S MILK AND GOAT'S MILK FORMULA; A treatment for eczema

I discovered there has been a rapid increase in the number of babies either allergic to Cow's Milk dairy or who are unable to digest dairy.

Cow's Milk has been shown to cause a lot of problems for a nursing baby because of its presence in the breastfeeding mothers milk (Dr Jay GordonMilk: Does it Really Do a Body Good?

One of the biggest things that helped my daughter's eczema is to supplement breastfeeding at 10 months old with Goat's milk formula. Specifically Nanny Care goat's milk based formula.

Why not use a hydrolyzed cow's milk formula?

A recommendation by health professionals is to give babies who are sensitive, intolerant to or allergic to Cow's milk a hydrolyzed version of cow's milk formula. This is when the cow's milk has been broken down already so that it is then easier for the baby to digest it.

I also found out that goat's milk is in fact better and more superior nutritionally to cow's milk. Not only can cow's milk be a cause of eczema but it is not as good for our health as goat's milk...That was news to me!

-Goat's milk is easier on the tummy and therefore easier to digest than Cow's milk
-Goat's milk usually means no colic and reflux for babies who drink Goat's milk
-Most babies do not react to goat's milk

Goat's milk formula meant that my baby did not have to go through constant reactions and eczema flare to Cow's milk. Goat's milk based formula served as an excellent alternative to dealing with Cow's milk being her main cause of eczema.

I feel confident about Nanny Care goat's milk based formula because it contains everything that a formula needs to ensure the full and perfect health of a baby.

It is licensed in countries like New Zealand and Australia and is the main formula used for babies.

However in the UK, there is still inhibitions about it because the government has not licensed it's branding as 'formula'.

I wonder if the UK government is not backing Goat's milk formulas, follow milks etc because we have a bigger Cow's Farm Industry than a Goat's Milk Farming Industry in the UK!

The government is claiming that there is not enough evidence to prove that goat's milk based formula is any better or worse than Cow's milk based formulas.

In 2007, researches in Grenada carried out a comparative study on the properties of goats' milk compared to those of cows' milk and the stdy revealed that Goat's Milk was more benefecial to health than Cow's Milk.

The study showed that Goat can milk can help to prevent iron deficiency and softening of the bones.

If it is a money issue, that would be such a shame on the UK government, how unfair it is to put babies and their mothers through the nightmare of being unsure about something that is very safe and benefecial for their children; especially those who suffer from baby eczema.

So for me -

- I have done enough research to be confident that Goat's milk formula is not dangerous

- It is better for my child

- It is better than Cow's Milk

- Gives her everything she needs while she still needs to drink milk

Goat milk has a higher uptake of important minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc and selenium in comparison to Cow's milk. And there minerals are really important for toddlers and young children.

The Softer Curds of the Goats producing the New Zealand goat milk are particularly suitable for ease of digestion. The bonus is that Goats are not injected with extra growth hormones.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here are mainly from my own experience from daughter's eczema and other souces read.

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