Baby Eczema Natural Treatments and Best Natural Products

Baby eczema natural ways to deal with it, treat it and 100% natural products that you can use to get the skin back to normal and stop the flares from coming back.

Natural products and alternatives to steroid creams, emollients and commercial products with too many chemicals and perfumes.

If you are looking for ways to treat your baby's eczema naturally, I would say that you are on the right track. Treating Baby eczema naturally is the best thing that you can do for baby eczema.

From my experience it is the best way to treat baby eczema and the only way to eventually get flares to a bare minium or stop them altogether like I did.It is also the most effective way to treat baby eczema. This is the truth that I found out while dealing with my own baby's eczema.

The Best baby eczema natural skin care products that heal and cure baby Eczema when used properly are California Baby Products. I have been shouting about it and telling everyone about California baby products since the first time I tried them for my daughter.

California Baby products are amazing and work wonders for dry skin, eczema and other skin conditions that involved dry skin.

baby eczema natural

California baby products are the best BABY eczema natural treatment and skin care range. Honestly, they have changed my baby's skin ad life, they are really good for treating baby eczema naturally and many mothers get amazing results from using California Baby Products.

One of the best things about California Baby Products is the fact that they were designed by a mother who also had a child who suffered from baby eczema.

Jessica Iclisoy got frustrated just like me when she could not find a pure enough product to heal her baby's eczema when he was born and decided to develop her own. Products which involved no exposure to drugs or chemicals.

California baby Shampoos and Body Washes are incredible for eczema - I got results immediately when I used it on my daughter. My friends and family have had the same positive results as well be it for their babies or themselves.

The best Combination of California Baby Products for Baby Eczema is the super sensitive range: The Super sensitive Shampoo and Body Wash together with the Super Sensitive Everyday Lotion and the California Baby Calendula Cream.

baby eczema natural

I am convinced that you will not find a better baby eczema natural treatment or skin range anywhere else.

Why my obsession with California Baby?

Because it gave me peace of mind that all of the ingredients that usually causes skin irritations and causes baby eczema are not present in California Baby products.

I understand how hard you have to work when your child has eczema, the constant moisturizing, the frustrations when the products that you are using do not work or give you the the desired results.

When you result to steroids when you really would prefer not to.

That is why although California baby products are not my personal products or invention, I am crazy about them.

- California Baby products are allergy tested, they are concentrated and free of gluten, soy, dairy, sulfates, parabens and synthetic fragrances.


After trying so many things for my baby these are the products that I now use daily and have stuck to this past year. I am getting great results, her skin is completely clear of rashes, patches, scales and crusts.

I do not use any steroid creams and we get no baby eczema flares.

This routine keeps her skin well moisturized and clear of rashes.

1. Add dead sea bath salts to plain bath water (a handful to a cupful)

Dead Sea bath salts improve dry and flaky skin disorders, they help to improve and soften the skin. Dead Sea salts have the ability to attract and retain moisture and this is vital for a dry skin conditions including eczema.

2. Cleanse with California Baby's Super Sensitive Shampoo and body wash

I personally believe that this is important because California baby body washes are not only mild; they are pure and contain ingredients that heal the skin.

They rarely irritate, they soothe and nourish the skin; the more I used this Super sensitive bath wash the smoother, softer my baby's skin got until it returned to healthy glowing baby skin (no exaggeration!).

California baby products are the purest and the most healing skin care products currently being sold.

3. Mositusrize heavily with California Baby's super sensitive Everyday lotion. Use lots of it (Slather it on).

4. Then apply California Baby Calendula Cream all over - both face and body. Especially the driest and most affected areas.

5. You repeat this as often as needed throughout the day. I repeat this 5/6 times a day. More if you have time. I learnt that it is important to never let the skin become dry.

What I saw was that as her skin improved and became more and more normal, the less her skin dried out! I believe that California Baby products keep the skin supple; they improve the skin's elasticity and so it keeps the skin in good health.

7. I ALWAYS apply Cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil on top of the above moisturizers for my daughter. Virgin Coconut oil is a natural eczema treatment that will give you very rapid improvements when used together with sea salts and California baby products. Coconut Oil is believed to soothe the skin immediately. I know it works.

I always make sure that I carry out our bath time routine when I have plenty of time because moisturizing is really important. Following these steps have kept her skin clear and I am confident that they will also clear baby eczema flare ups very quickly.

I have seen how this routine has kept my daughter's eczema away, I am confident that it will work for you too.

With Baby Eczema Natural ways to treat it and get good results are these:

- Find out if there are food sensitivities. involved. There are usually (but there can be more) common food offenders that affect eczema. These are Cow's milk (and dairy), Wheat, Shellfish and Eggs.

Babies tend to be sensitive to these foods while they are young. My daughter is growing out of most of hers at 12 months; find out what the case is for your baby.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here are mainly from my own experience from daughter's eczema and other souces read.

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